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I was born in 1983 in Istanbul. After graduating from the Faculty of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design at Sabancı University, I gained experience in stage design by working as an art director and assistant art director at Anima Istanbul. Then I went to Australia to do my master's degree at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne; I received my Production Design diploma in Performing Arts.  I have participated in various personal and group exhibitions with my artworks in Turkey and abroad. Between 2013-2017, I worked on visual communication designs and graphic designs of exhibitions and museums. I continue to express my thoughts through visual arts in different mediums including paintings, videoart, new media in all forms…


I create extra ordinary worlds using geometric lines and forms in repetitive actions. I generally focus on sociopolitical and environmental issues with different techniques according to the content I am working on. I am interested in traditional arts in all mediums and finds ways to modernize and see the traditional in a futuristic way.

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