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feminine, masculine, universal, alien, worldly, holy, satire, ironic
about voyeurism, vision, diversity, etc
Googols put on their wings to look more worldly...
And started examining worldly matters, humans, living things...
They enjoyed the world,
They are here to stay...  
They are impressed by the magic of the world... 
And yes they have special powers...
Project by Elif Çiftçioğlu

-hey love, shall we fly or not?
-they can't fly can they?



on a sunset sailing day, stumbled upon a googol, looked me in the eye and said 'hello dear' had no jealousy in her eyes, had no anger or arrogance, had no demands or contemplation... she just wanted to say hi.

on a sunset sailing day

no need to explain, crystal clear,

everybody sees,

everybody knows said Leonard,

why don't you listen

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