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My Horizon
Limited Artprints
ed. 20, 2016 - 2020

View of the Horizon series is a
very special series for me
as the horizon is a common
visual everywhere in the world.
Emotionally along
with other
meanings such as freedom,
belief, longing, hoping, waiting,
this series has less scientific but
more worldly feeling than the
artist's other works. And mostly it
is about values which i hesitated
to say since i have a desire for
people to think and figure out
themselves but then i realized i
had to be open as i can.
So, you can observe from the
illustrations on the horizon that
the figures are like Asian
puppets that they had for a very
long time, each figure always relates to a deep meaning  about their religious or superficial or spiritual believes...
Whether religious or not values; a person's own values, in life is always what matters the most for them and for the community. Values shape our world, that's why its better to have quality, hopeful, positive values that can brighten everybody's day so that we can be helpful to one another...


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